Client Comments

Mediation References
In late October 2005 I received the mediation services of Wendy Ormiston in order to help resolve a conflict with a coworker.  This conflict arose during a heated discussion in a business meeting.  She first met with each of us separately, and then the two of us had a conflict resolution session.  I found the experience of both meetings very useful; at first to gain some clarity about what had initially happened during my angry, painful exchange.  Then during the session with the two of us, with Wendy’s guidance, we both found ourselves better able to work together with mutual understanding; and to even resume a friendly, respectful relationship.
~ James Emmons, Co-Owner, Arizmendi Bakery Collective

Large Group Facilitation References
Wendy did an incredible job facilitating a difficult large-group discussion that I was a part of. She kept gently pushing us forward, making sure the conflict within our group came to something fruitful and ensuring that everyone was heard in the process. I have been impressed with Wendy’s ability to fearlessly and consistently draw out the real issues within a conflict and make them possible to discuss.
~ Melissa Hoover, Executive Director of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

What I loved about Wendy the most was her courage in group processes – she is not afraid to bring out the deepest issues and conflicts in a direct way and the same time she has sensitivity to hold the situation and not to push people too hard.
~ Reet Neemoja, Human Resources Manager, Estonia

Wendy has keen abilities to observe what’s on the surface in a situation as well as the hidden content which is critical to help move individuals and groups forward.
~ Giang Nguyen, Maryknoll Sister, Nairobi, Kenya

Wendy Ormiston’s outstanding attribute as a facilitator is her ability to see all sides of the situation at once and to sensitively work alongside people for a win – win solution.  As a leader and facilitator in group, or personal situations, Wendy Ormiston has great breadth of vision and depth of compassion.
~ Gerry Forde, Brand Co-Ordinator at Venture Southland

Training References
First successful experience I’ve had in 38 years of experience!
~ Participant 

The opening of many opposites with lots of light and less friction allowed many of us to hear each other ~ some for the first time.
~ Participant

I especially valued the intrepid willingness of my co-workers and the fruitful relationship developed with our facilitators in so brief a time.
~ Participant