My Approach
As I therapist I strive to be warm and participatory.  My 13 years of therapeutic training have helped me cultivate acute empathy and listening skills.  I aim to form deep and trusting connections with my clients, that are safe, and also strong, to support challenging work at growth edges.  My method incorporates many therapeutic orientations and depending on a client’s needs and willingness, I may use movement, somatic, and mindfulness techniques.  I am comfortable conducting both short and long term therapy.  If I determine a client’s needs exceed my scope of expertise I provide appropriate referrals.

Individual Therapy
I relate to the personal therapeutic relationship as a sacred space for building a more authentic relationship with oneself.  This may be through targeted short-term therapy on particular issue or through ongoing, exploratory work.  To be invited in to support individuals in their growth, I consider an honor.  I work earnestly, applying my best skills, knowledge, and muse to advance a course of therapy that responds to clients’ needs and goals.

Couple’s Therapy
I have a particular interest and appreciation for working with people in relationship, romantic and otherwise.  Sometimes it is to address an entrenched conflict, other times it is to unfold the deeper capacity in the connection ~ many times these two are connected. I have great respect for people accessing resources to support their relationships.  In my role as couple’s therapist, I aim to facilitate a safe, neutral space for the deepest possible truths be expressed and experienced mutually.  I seek to connect such candid sharing to clearly framing the needs, next steps, and new options that may be advanced as collaborative or individual work.

I charge $120 for 50-minute therapy sessions; 75 minute and double sessions are also options.  Sliding scale considered.  I am not a contracted insurance provider.

Selecting a Therapist
Because quality of connection is so important to a client’s therapy experience, I encourage folks to interview some different therapists in person before making a selection.  Many therapists are willing to do a free consultation to facilitate clients making their best informed choice.  I also recommend Dr. Ofer Zur’s article, “How to Choose a Therapist” as a resource for prospective clients.

I welcome your inquiry for a free consultation.