Group Conflict Facilitation

As conflict in groups often feels unpleasant and seems to impede “progress and productivity” it may be resisted or avoided.  Left to fester, unattended conflict may stagnate into dysfunctional, hostile, and polarized dynamics. When a group culture gets stuck, individual members are at risk of becoming frustrated, disaffected, and scapegoated.  These are challenges for all manner and size of organizations and community groups.

Large Group Conflict Facilitation
Conflict facilitation for a group or organization begins when a representative contacts me. In this initial free consultation, I listen and give a feedback assessment of what would best support this group’s conflict. I may recommend drawing in a colleague facilitator to provide additional support and balance for a conflict facilitation process.

If there is agreement to proceed with a large group conflict facilitation, I and any collaborating colleagues will draft a working contract with the leadership of the organization or group. To research and prepare for the large group session, intake interviews are conducted with sub-groups representing a wide range of concerns about the presenting conflict. Dates will be scheduled for these intake interviews and for the large group conflict facilitation session.

Large Group Session
In the large group session as many members as possible of a group, community, or organization convene for a facilitated conflict resolution process. This session is held for a minimum of three hours and multiple sessions may be scheduled. Location is determined based on the needs of the group. In the course of the large group session, facilitation is strategically coordinated to address root sources of a group’s specific conflict, while exposing typical conflict-coping patterns that may be afflicting the group and participating members.

To best support a group’s ongoing development, a large group conflict facilitation is concluded with my drafting a summary report of recommendations emerging from the group’s process.

My rates for large group conflict facilitation are case specific.  Please contact me to discuss your specific situation.